Charisma Workshop

Home to impeccable coffee, a creative menu, exquisite patisseries, and indulging chocolate, created by using premium quality ingredients and boundless passion.

Charisma Workshop is a collective vision of the Ko family. At the helm of the cafe is an ever-inventive and passionate talent named Jonathan Ko, who has an amazing taste palette that allows him to find the perfect balance in savour dishes, sweet indulgences, and even cocktails.

The journey began with a humble passion for coffee and patisserie. Despite graduating from university with a Bachelor of Aviation, Jonathan’s passion for hospitality led him to literally give up a ‘high flying’ career to pursue his dreams in the industry. Working from the bottom up, Jonathan has transformed himself from an amateur to a professional over the past 10 years. Jonathan’s talent and sheer determination has allowed him to excel in whatever he turns his hand to.

Passion is truly infectious. Jonathan’s obsession for patisserie and coffee soon inspired his family to join him in his dream. Together, they travelled abroad to advance their knowledge and skills in coffee making and roasting. It was indeed how they came across and fell in love with Syphon Coffee, and was enthused to share their passion with Melbourne – the home of Australia’s coffee culture.

The family also refined their patisserie skills and coffee knowledge by learning from the best in the industry, and received high praises form the respective gurus. Charisma Workshop is the channel in which the Ko family share their dream and passion with every patron.


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