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Review on Zomato by Kimmy_desu

Super friendly and accommodating service and we thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast here. It was a cold rainy morning so the place was not busy when we arrived. The ambience was quiet yet homey and relaxing. I had already decided that I wanted the smashed avocado dish before even going, as I drooled over the photos on zomato and instagram. My friend got the oatmeal porridge, and we both also got a matcha latte each. Now, the smashed avocado was absolutely out of the world. It is one of the most fulfilling, satisfying and flavoursome breakfast/brunch dishes I've ever had. I loved the spinach and feta cheese and all the beautiful nuts and petals. The avocado was really thick so I think they used a full avocado for this - some places can be stingy and only use half, so this really impressed me. I had to ask for two more slices of toast in order to finish up all the avocado, and in addition the two poached eggs were quite big as well. In the end I ate four slices of toast along with everything and managed to finish the whole dish feeling full to the neck. My friend's oatmeal porridge was pretty special - the pear slices were a beetroot colour and tasted like mulled wine, so I assume that they were somehow cured in wine or something similar. The matcha lattes were also amazing and had a seaweed kind of taste and texture, strong but neither bitter nor sweet - just perfect. We were happy to find out that an app called "Eat club" has teamed up with the place to offer 30% off the bill to all users. If you have been thinking of trying this place out, don't hesitate to do so and maybe take advantage of this app and try/order a few more things!

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