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Review on Zomato by Angela Tang

I was staying in the hotel next to the cafe. We checked in and was craving for a cuppa warm drink.
Warm greetings from the owner of the coffee shop and was serve with a special hot chocolate and an distinctly delicious flat white.

Seriously, they don’t mess around with their coffee. It’s top quality white and black coffee every time.

The owner is very knowledgeable with coffee and chocolate. I walk passed after dinner one night and saw them making their own chocolate - handmade!!!

My fav was the orange flavoured chocolate, they make a few different sorts and it was so good, I got some for my friend as a souvenir.

My time in Mel was short but my partner and I insist of getting a cuppa here. We’ve tried other places, but still come back to Charisma to satisfy our coffee crave!

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