Charisma Workshop

3 Frederick Way, Melbourne CBD

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Local Cafe in Melbourne CBD

Discover one of the best coffee in Melbourne CBD. Homemade desserts, cake and chocolate available. Read our cafe & high tea menu.

Come visit us and discover why our customers referred us as the best cafe and chocolate shop in Melbourne.



TamagoEats on Zomato


Charisma Workshop is indeed a hidden gem. Despite its hard-to-find location in Melbourne CBD... The family of owners are no less hospitable, proudly telling us how their cakes were made in store. 

The food was amazing too...  and can I say this is one of the best waffles I have ever had. Crispy yet not too hard to chew, with some amazing sauces. The sweetness was neither too overpowering nor underwhelming - absolutely loved it.

The desserts were truly too hard to resist - I ordered the “La vie en rose” cake - a soft, fluffy almond sponge with the subtle taste of lychee jelly and rose, all made in house - definitely a must try.

Overall such a cute café - the perfect getaway from the Melbourne winter - will for sure be back to try out the high tea and French toast!!

Kimmy_desu on Zomato


Super friendly and accommodating service and we thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast here... the smashed avocado was absolutely out of the world. It is one of the most fulfilling, satisfying and flavoursome breakfast / brunch dishes I've ever had. I loved the spinach and feta cheese and all the beautiful nuts and petals. 


My friend's oatmeal porridge was pretty special - the pear slices were a beetroot colour and tasted like mulled wine, so I assume that they were somehow cured in wine or something similar. The matcha lattes were also amazing and had a seaweed kind of taste and texture, strong but neither bitter nor sweet - just perfect. 

John D on Trip Advisor


Tucked away down a laneway this is a real find. The coffee is excellent, amongst the best there is - and that is saying something in Melbourne.

Had the breakfast - not only delicious but also really well presented. That is rare in a cafe meal in these times. Partner had the Smashed Avocado and Dukkah, I had the Grandma Ham Egg Benedict. Both exceptional.

Good Food Good Mood on Zomato


Their sensational high tea was seriously impressive, not only was it visually stunning but all of the elements including the elaborate desserts and artisan chocolates were house made. 


They boast an incredible range of beverages including an award winning honey chai and a callebaut hot chocolate. My mum had the hot choc and was thoroughly delighted by it. She also took the opportunity to try the intriguing syphon coffee which was a unique way of brewing using two chambers to extract different flavours from the beans. Watching the baristas whip these up was truly fascinating and quite the novel experience.

High tea must be booked with a days notice as everything it made to order, the scones were made shortly before our arrival and were served with the most delicious homemade jam. The vanilla cream was also rather lovely. All of the petit fours were constructed with multiple textures and flavours to create a real taste sensation and the presentation was just fabulous. Very much a hidden gem in Melbourne CBD well worth checking out.

Sana Ali Saeed on Zomato


Charisma truly is a "hidden gem" of Melbourne CBD. 

The cafe is cozy and inviting. We really wanted to try out Siphon coffee for the first time and Jonathan Ko made sure we had a wonderful experience. We chose to try the single origin Kenyan. He gave us a 10-minute demonstration of the special brewing process. Water is put into a sealed pot and pot on top of a heated cook-top which is part of the Siphon coffee-making machine. The grinds are slowly cooked which then give us a beautifully fruity flavored coffee which is not bitter and yet has a solid depth.

We ordered the Ratatouille Baked Eggs which wasill CHOCK FULL of grilled vegetables like eggplant, zucchini, and bell peppers, and the most delicious tomato Napoli sauce made from fresh tomatoes bought from Queen Vic Market. Mixed in with the baked egg, the flavor was divine, to put it honestly, for someone who is a fan of tomato-based dishes. Moreover, the dish came with a side of baked polenta fries - which we both were trying for the first time. I think I''ve found a new indulgence in the crispy, sturdy, and utterly FILLING polenta fries. TIP: Try dipping them in the Napoli sauce for a delish twist!

For dessert, we tried the Chocolate Heart and the Rose with a lychee center. Both desserts were too pretty to eat and just as good as everything else we had at the cafe. The chocolate heart won both our hearts with a light, pillow-like texture and the Lychee rose impressed with its inventivness and firm lychee center.

Nessa Leung on Google


Delicious food and the most beautiful cakes I've seen. La Vie en Rose is the best cake I've ever had. also really loved their golden chai latte! Charisma Workshop was my family's favourite brunch place during our Melbourne visit!!

Karl Pahl-Duffy on Google


Amazing cafe tucked away near the market. 
Top quality across the board and plenty of options even on a student budget. The coffee is consistently fantastic and while they have many fancy artisanal products, there are just as many options that are more affordable without compromising on quality, like their deals for a coffee with either a specialty cookie or a scone with jam & cream. They also have a super fancy and extensive tea selection for the same price as their coffee. Would recommend.